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Resume Services

Resume Service


Get a resume for that all-important job search. Get your work and educational experience presented in a clear and professional manner. Cover letters can also be developed to serve as an introduction.

Some information needed to write the resume:

  • If you have one, a copy of an existing resume
  • Name, address, home and/or cell numbers, email address (if you want an email address included)
  • Work history going back 15-20 years that includes: employer’s name; city and state where worked; dates of employment; job title; job description; list of accomplishments, awards, projects worked on
  • Education including: school name; school location; degree or certificate received
  • Workplace training including course name
  • State-issued or professional licenses
  • Specific tools or software you are proficient with that apply to the position you are seeking
  • Four personal or professional skills that you possess that will make you a success at the position you are seeking

The resume is a tool to get you to the next step in the job search process. Be honest but don’t be shy about presenting the knowledge and skills that you have acquired.